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This site was born out of the fact that most of the “traditional” solutions offered by banks and on the Internet to invest are simply not of good quality. Returns too low, costs too high, risks too high, strategies that do not make sense, products poorly adapted… And in a world where IRAs have fallen to less than 1% APY, having alternative quality solutions is essential.

The school did not help us as much as we thought: no course explaining how to manage its finances well, no courses explaining how to recognize a quality investment, no courses explaining the functioning of the financial markets. Most professional investors are self-taught and share little knowledge. And it’s extremely unfortunate, because investing is a huge wealth creation lever.

I think that any individual with an average salary and a good investment strategy can divide his or her number of active working years by 2, 3 or 4 if he wishes. I also know that most people do not have the desire to work for 40 years, but also don’t have enough financial knowledge to set up a quality strategy, that’s why I’ve created this site. The goal here is simple: to offer content that helps to have a good management of your personal finances, and to propose profitable, safe and functional investment methods.

I only share methods that I apply directly in the management of my own finances, or that I personally tested. These methods can be used to increase your income immediately, or to build up a long-term asset. They allowed me being owner of 3 apartments and a substantial stock portfolio at the age of 27 years old starting from scratch.

If the strategies I use interest you, I have prepared a summary guide that you can access by subscribing to the newsletter (via the right form), you will also find many useful information in articles Listed below.

I hope that these resources will help you in the realization of your projects.

Here is a list of some essential articles if you want to know more.

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