Household and Liability Insurance – Secure Your Belongings

In addition to the liability insurance, household contents insurance is a must for personal security. Rely on tailor-made solutions.

A liability insurance is just as important to the insurance as home insurance.

With these insurance policies, you protect yourself against major financial challenges if you are liable for personal injury, property damage or financial loss to others or if your belongings are destroyed, for example, by force majeure.

With a little online research, you can quickly make an insurance comparison and find the right insurance and the optimal rate for yourself and your loved ones. Secure your belongings and assure yourself in good time.

Household insurance – in case of fire, water damage, burglary

The household insurance is one of the property insurance. The inventory of a household against fire, tap water, storm, hail, burglary, robbery and vandalism is insured.

A household insurance jumps in these cases and refunds the insured the cost of purchasing new equivalent inventory. Thus, a household insurance can protect you from major financial losses.

For whom is a household insurance useful?

A household insurance is by far not only useful for insured with very expensive inventory. Rather, those who would be willing to take out the insurance for which it would be a very large or even impossible financial cost to replace the destroyed inventory in their own home.

This is likely to apply to just about anyone. A financial challenge that should not be underestimated.

What is insured?

The insured dangers of household insurance include fire, tap water, storm, hail, burglary, robbery and vandalism.

Anyone can become the victim of a robbery or lose a large part of their equipment due to water damage – so homeowner insurance makes sense for anyone who runs their own household and is a real help in a financial emergency. Because the cost of new inventory can quickly skyrocket.

What kind of damage does the insurance cover?

In addition to the costs of purchasing new furniture that has been destroyed or lost, as well as other inventory, home contents insurance covers a number of other costs. Among other things, this includes the costs for the cleaning up of destroyed insured items and their removal, lock alteration costs and repair costs for building damage.

Household insurance in comparison

Before you take out home insurance, you should compare different providers and tariffs.  The same living and living conditions often make big differences in the tariffs of the different insurers.

An insurance comparison is therefore always worthwhile and helps you to find the optimal insurance solution for your life situation. For example, before you sign up for an insurance contract, find out online and find home insurance with the lowest tariff for you.

Liability insurance – for personal injury, property damage and financial loss

A liability insurance is an absolute must in the insurance portfolio. Every day we come into situations in which a carelessness on our part can cause damage – damage to property or personal injury. The resulting liability sums can reach unexpected heights.

It makes a big financial relief when the liability insurance takes over and covers the costs of the damage. Therefore, every insured person should take out liability insurance.

When is a liability insurance useful?

A liability insurance makes sense for everyone, because in private life, there are numerous situations in which by their own actions unintentionally can cause very expensive damage. To pay them out of their own pocket is often impossible for many.

Therefore, the liability insurance here ensures financial carelessness. Thus, the liability insurance is the most important private insurance against financial consequences of indebted and involuntary act.

Therefore, every citizen should have a proper liability insurance – with an online comparison, you will find with security the best rate for your life situation.

Liability insurance benefits

Personal liability insurance covers personal, property and pecuniary losses up to the agreed sum insured. In addition, there are some special forms of liability insurance.

The most well-known is probably the motor vehicle liability insurance, which must complete in Germany each vehicle owner. In addition, there are special liability insurance for dog owners or for some occupations professional liability insurance.

Before concluding any liability insurance, be sure to inform yourself of any special regulations, for example for damage to borrowed, rented or leased property.

Process in the benefit case

If you want to use the services of your private or other liability insurance, you must first contact the insurance company and inform them about the damage that has occurred. Afterwards, the insurance company examines your case and then decides whether the benefit claim has occurred and the costs have been borne by you.

Bad surprises can be avoided if you clarify all points in advance, ie before the insurance is taken out, for example, to what extent your insurance company is liable for damage to borrowed items.

Compare liability insurance and save costs

You want to take out liability insurance? Use an online comparison to find the right insurer with the right rate for you and your life situation.

That way you can save a lot of money, because the differences between the different rates can be huge. So use this opportunity to save and find the optimal insurance solution for yourself and your loved ones.


A combination of both insurances offers you numerous advantages. You receive protection for your valuable belongings, profit from high cover sums with a favorable contribution and secure oneself for a multiplicity of damages.

In addition to the classic liability insurance and home contents insurance, you have the option to take out a guarantee insurance for your electrical appliances, an Internet safety cover for safe surfing on the Internet or even a dog liability insurance, which can protect pet owners from major financial consequences.

Find out in advance about the many options that can offer you in the insurance selection and opt for a tailor-made home contents and liability solution, which provides optimal protection for your property with a low contribution – exactly to your life situation ,