Silicon Valley Tech Stocks: These May Have Potential

The name alone makes so many an investor’s heart beat faster: Silicon Valley. The valley of innovative promises, the most powerful place in the world. With Silicon Valley tech stocks, many first-time investors got rich. Apple , Facebook , Google , Microsoft , Netflix …. The value gains of these titles put everything in the shade.

Exciting stocks in Silicon Valley

Geographically, Silicon Valley covers the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, the metropolitan area around San Francisco and San José. The 70 km long and 30 km wide valley is a magnet for numerous companies. Intel , San Disk, Adobe, Symantec , Nvidia , Hewlett Packard , Oracle , Cisco , Tesla, and Twitter or Ebay are other well-known Silicon Valley stocks.

But there are also a few other Silicon Valley tech stocks that not everyone instantly has on their radar.

Computer Games

Electronic Arts for example. If you like computer games, you probably know titles like Titanfall, Battlefield, Starwars Battlefront or Fifa Football. These are just the latest from a long list since 1984. At that time, the company was still young. Earlier, founder Trip Hawkins had given up his job at Apple and with the money he had earned through the IPO of his employer, built the company.

Today she is number two in the world after Activision Blizzard with studios worldwide. Sales last increased to 5.16 billion US dollars. Operating income increased 15% to $ 1.44 billion. The share has grown by almost 1,000% since 1998. Recently she had given in because of problems with a new game, but has a good chance when the improved version comes out at Christmas.

Action Cams

GoPro, meanwhile, is pleased that at $ 1.18 billion, it has been able to reverse its decline in sales from 2016 to stagnation. Also, the previously harsh losses were at least reduced. The manufacturer of robust action camcorders for sports and outdoor activities went public after its successes in 2014. The stock initially experienced a steep flight, but then lost more than 80%. With better business figures and new models, the analysts are positive. A paper for the turnaround.

Paypal competitor

In solid and unbroken uptrend is the stock of Square. Since the stock market launch three years ago, it has risen by 537%. The payment service provider recorded high revenue growth to last $ 2.21 billion and in 2017 for the first time in the profit zone. With Square you can also pay for smaller everyday business via smartphone. It was founded by Twitter boss Jack Dorsey and has now overtaken Paypal in Apple’s App Store. Square wants to become a global player, with annual growth rates of 25%. So far, the direction is right.

Uber before IPO

Another hot candidate has his IPO next year ahead: the Uber service. With his business areas of travel brokerage and autonomous vehicles, he is growing unstoppably and is also interesting as a system specialist for the automakers. Now Toyota, which already holds shares, has invested $ 500 million in a joint project. First quarter revenue increased 7.5% to $ 2.59 billion compared to the previous quarter.

The sale of the stores in Southeast Asia and Russia finally resulted in a profit similar to the turnover. Excluding this one-off item, operating income at minus $ 550 million. This means that the loss has decreased by almost a third compared to the previous year.

These stocks may offer potential. What they are missing are dividends. Uber will not pour out any longer either. This is almost typical at Silicon Valley companies. Apple, for example, had only paid dividends again in 2012 on pressure from investors .